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    Translated by shiihx @

    Sehun’s letter TO SUHO:

    Using this is a bgm.. should be sad right?? Last time leader Suho did it.. So this time I guess it’s the maknae’s turn. First off I’m really embarrassed right now.. but I’ll start anyways kekeke

    Huuu… First i’ll start with Suho hyung cause he’s the leader…
    Even if you compare the age, Minseok hyung, no I mean Xiumin hyung has the biggest age gap though.. haha. Okay I’ll start for real now

    Suho hyung!! When I first met you I was in 8th grade right? You came in to the company with a new hair cut and you looked kinda confident so then you were in front of a mirror staring at it.. right? When I saw that side of you, I fell for you. And I thought, ah SM is like this isn’t it, SM is filled with cool and handsome guys like you right.. And I even greeted you at first too. But then you looked really lost and thought what am I doing greeting you? And so I redid my greetings to you..
    Then I was only an 8th grader when I first stepped inside the company.. Not knowing anything.. that innocent pure kid was kind of hurt… (referring to Suho not accepting his greetings)

    Youre so scary… Because of you I never really loitered much around the company..

    keke just kidding, i’ve known you for around 5 years now and I’m really honored and thankful for that.
    For you to be so caring and understanding to everybody I think I’m really happy and I love you. If our relationship just stayed like this it’ll be really awesome.. To look after the members, although it’s a bit tiring, youre really doing it well. We will also help you a lot in the future, leader hyung fighting!!

    Sehun’s letter TO XIUMIN:

    Next is Xiumin hyung. ah… this…. it’s a bit strange! I’ll just use “Minseok hyung” in this letter then..

    Minseokie hyung~ Everyday we take the subway together home to Cheongdam.. it seems as if it was just yesterday.. time just flies by really fast. You always thought of me as the pretty little brother who always follows your instructions and your kind wordings.. but I dont really listen well.. There are times when I do though.. so lets just go with that.. This relationship that isn’t one bit messy, lets just keep it this way, i love you hehe. Ah.. I’ve only talked about two hyungs but it’s already this long.. I’ll cut it a bit shorter then..

    So!! Thank you so much for always being there for me and being able to play with me and being the kind hyung to me. Do you remember the words you’ve said to me? Please believe in me because I will keep my words!! Wo Ai Ni

    Sehun’s letter to KRIS:

    Kris hyung, for always buying me tasty food and also cool things that you have you give it all to me, viewing me as if I was your real brother, I’m really thankful. I’ll do well in the future, wo ai ni hehe

    Sehun’s letter to LAY:

    And our cute Lay hyung hehe I always believed in you.. So I hope you make good decisions always. And recently we’be been talking a lot more than usual, and you are a really gentle hyung.. If you’re tired or if you’re having a rough time please come and find me often hehe wo ai ni

    Sehun’s letter to BAEKHYUN:

    The hyung thats pure and shares the same O blood type as me, Baekhyunnie hyung. In such a short period of time, being able to mingle and mix with us, I’m really thankful and i love you. Baekhyun hyung is a very heartwarming person but even though you dont show it on your face sometimes I know that you care about the members a lot and think about them a lot, so I’m very proud! Baekhyunnie’s best friend, the happy virus Chanyeol’s hyungs words are right.. Even if you hurt yourself you still smile and make us happy even though you’re hurting. You’re always kind and smiling so thank you. I hope you always keep this kind of clean and pure image forever. I love you

    Sehun’s letter to CHEN:

    And also funky funky Chenchen hyung I’m always grateful.

    For playing and joking around with the youngers and whenever someone is hurt you’ll always be really worried. You’re really best. And also amongst our members, you’re always behind Suho hyung supporting him and taking care of us. For Suho hyung to take care of 11 other kids like us it must be hard on him physically and mentally and he’s always so busy.. So please help out Suho hyung a lot hehe

    Now!! Tao Hyung..

    it’s funny right? I also find it kind of uncomfortable but because its a broadcast I will use formalities. kekeke. You’re really like a good friend to me and always whenever you’re happy or you’re having a hard time, always coming to find me makes me feel like you really believe in me. Also believe in me even more. Just like what we talked about last time, if you have anything on your mind you MUST talk to me. Theres no such things as secrets, wo ai ni tao.

    Sehuns letter to KAI:

    Now finally, Kim Kai we actually talked quite a lot and I actually received a lot of things from you (emotionally) and one thing i’m extremely sure about is that you really love this team, and even if you dont say it or dont really show it I know you really well, why? Because I’m a genius kekeke And also 3 years back when we talked about positioning this as our life? Until then please don’t change and lets go like this for a very very very long time!!!!!


    I thank and love each and every one of you. Even though I’m a bit flushed at the moment.. but because I wrote this with my heart, i hope you will all take this in as well.

    wo ai ni. Let’s love!


    cr: Twinned Poison, Translated by fuckyeahsehan @

    Sehun’s letter to LUHAN:

    Lu ge!! Thanks for always accepting my playfulness, thanks for being such a kind hyung. Do you still remember what you said to me recently? Believe my words! Wo ai ni (I love you)!

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